October 1, 2016


I haven't had time to post anything since Monday, because we needed to clear the old apartment this week. It's done now, but man it was a shitty job to do, haha! And I had a problem with my car, it didn't start anymore, so today, after a night at work, I needed to call a guy to pick it up and take to a car repair place, since it wasn't going to be our parking spot anymore. I was so damn tired when I finally got home. And still I didn't sleep that well, I woke up like three times and every time I woke up, Felix noticed it and started to lick my face, haha! Such a cute and annoying little thing <3
Now I am at work, having my "lunch" break and dreaming about sleeping in my bed, next to my man. Just have to suck it up and keep going for couple more hours and then I'm free for the next four days :-) I'm going to Turku on Sunday, to visit my family. I am actually picking my friends up from the airport (you usually have to travel to Helsinki if you are flying to other countries) and then we are driving to Turku. Which is nice, I have company and they can tell me how their trip went :-)
Well, have to get back to work now. It's Saturday people!

Btw, that thing in my hair is actually a necklace, but I thought that it would look cute in the head also :-)