September 23, 2016


Sometimes I really hate myself.

I don´t know how it is possible for me to ALWAYS manage to break my phones.
The first one was my first smartphone. I dropped it. Multiple times. I mean like ten times everyday. It was pretty hard to crack. The time I got those cracks, was when I threw my phone to the couch and I it missed. Yes, my fault. 

The second phone look pretty bad, right? That happened when I was at work and needed to pee. So in the toiler I leaned to put my pants down and the phone was in my chest pocket. It dropped. Straight to its screen. I almost cried. Maybe I did a little. And the engineer from work said that I shouldn´t bring it to the clean room anymore, that it doesn´t look so clean. So I bought a new one.

And what happened?
After a few glasses of wine with Liine, I got up really fast and the phone was on the bench next to me. I managed to move my hands just right to make the phone drop... And I have had that phone two weeks before that happened. I even bought a cover so that wouldn´t happen again. Clearly I should have one of those old phones that didn´t break no matter how hard you tried...

Yes, I shouldn´t have any nice things :-(


September 21, 2016


No, this is not going to be one of those "I just woke up" things. And that is because I haven´t slept yet, haha! And I´m planning not to until the next night. 
I was at work the last one, so I am feeling a bit funny now. I just want to get into the right rhythm immediately so here we go! I haven´t done this before, except the time we went to Spain, but then I slept in the airplane, so it was not totally the same. 

When I got home from work, I had to visit a super market to buy some plugs, because we had the "old" kind of lamps for the ceiling, and those don´t fit here. But one is already done (except that Steven said that I put it in a wrong place, he wanted some other lamp to the living room). So basically none is done, heh! 

Now I´m going to sauna, it is already heated (and yes, we have a sauna, which is awesome) and put on a face mask and hair conditioner and hopefully get prettier, hahahah! 

Have a great Wednesday :-)


September 18, 2016


I take it back. Packing is NOT fun! At least when you have irregular work times and it all has to be done before you go to work. Like this morning. Up, quick breakfast and then all the stuff in the boxes and to the car. Lucky we have the rest of September to do all that, but we only have the van for this weekend, so we need to be done with all of the big stuff, like sofa, table etc by tomorrow. I'm at work now, but my boyfriend will get help from our friends, so I think we are good :-)
Except that I'm so sleepy. Well, just eight hours and I will get to bed.
Have a great Sunday!


A few more pictures of Liine :-)

This day was crazy. Well not crazy, but I was so damn tired so it felt like everything, at both jobs, went wrong, haha! You know that feeling when you are tired and all goes wrong? My day was like that. Nothing really worked, haha!
And when I got back home, my boyfriend had drank all coca-cola. I mean, how can somebody drink 1,5 liters of cola in one day :-D I was so mad (I still am a bit, I dreamed about a cold glass of cola all day and when I got home, there was none). 
Small problems, I know, haha! But he could have told me that he pore all of it down his throat so I could have gone to the store. Well, whatever. I´m just tired and then I hate when things don´t go like I wanted.

Okay, I wanna sleep now.


September 13, 2016


This is what I was wearing yesterday :-)
Nice to have dog, when your clothes are always full of hair, haha!

I am feeling a lot better than I did in the morning. Sometimes it just feels good to complain and let it all out :-)

I´m now hanging out with Liine, we are drinking some wine and just talking. I picked her up from another friends house earlier today. We ate and now we are in our new apartment, I wanted Liine to see it.

I gotta go now, have to focus on my friend, she just came out from the toilet, haha!



September 11, 2016


We found our kitchen table!!! I´m so happy about that, the table is really pretty :-)
I can´t tell you how much I already wanna move in and decorate the whole apartment. So freaking exited!!!

I woke up at 2pm today, after a night at work. It was pretty good, I usually try to get up little bit earlier, just that I can sleep the next night. So tomorrow I will go and sign the contract and then we will get the keys to our beautiful new apartment. It is rental, as is this one, my boyfriend wanted to buy an apartment, but they are so expensive in this part of Helsinki, where I want to live, so it will have to wait, until we are rich, haha! And to be honest, I don´t know how long we are going to live here, so I don´t really see the point. We have been talking about moving abroad, if it´s possible some day (you know, there are so many things to make that really happen, like jobs, apartment etc. so it is not happening in the near future, but yeah, hopefully some day). My dream countries are US, Costa Rica or England. Maybe Sweden? Or Canada? Haha, so many!

Oh, this was what I was wearing today (still am), The dress I bought from H&M in Barcelona and the belt and shoes are sooooo old, I have no idea where they are from. Pretty much all my stuff is old... But I don´think normal people need to have a closet full of clothes. Few simple items is plenty enough, it´s easy to change the outfit completely when you just put some accessories to it or strip the outfit down.
(Btw, the pretty necklace is from Silver Bar Finland and you can change it to a short necklace, bracelet and ankle bracelet. Talk about versatile jewelry, right?)

So as I told you, we bought the kitchen table. We also might have our couch (not the one I was talking about before, we found even a better one today). So that leaves us with just a table to the living room, a big mirror (also found a good one today, gonna buy it later when we have a van) and a tv table. That´s pretty much it. Well, lots of small stuff, ofc, but we get those in time. 

Before we did all the furniture shopping, we ate some Asian Fusion food. Sushi and Chinese. It was good. That place is not for you if you want super fancy food, but if you are hungry and want to eat cheap, it is a place for you. And us. We were so hungry, I almost felt sick, because I ate when I got home from work and then 8 hours later I was starving, haha! 

Okay, gotta go now, to watch the last episode of Narcos (I´m sad it´s over soon, such a great show...)


September 10, 2016


I'm not sad in these pictures, allthough I might look like it. It is possible that I'm tiny bit drunk, haha! And the Sun was so bright, it made my eyes water.

This is maybe the second time I got sleep almost eight hours after working at night. Usually I sleep like 5-7 hours. So how can I still be so freaking tired??!!
And I was angry as hell too when I finally woke up. I yelled at my boyfriend when he came too close to me, haha! NOT a "morning" person, that's for sure. And if I take a nap or have to sleep during the day, it is even worse. Like, don't come close to me, I might kill you- kinda person.

This is the last night, thank god, so that of course means four days off from work. This time I'm thinking of not taking any extra shifts at s grocery store, since I have to start packing and cleaning the soon-to-be-old- apartment.
Have to run now, work starts in 5 minutes and I still have use the bathroom, heh.

Talk to you later.
Good night


September 9, 2016


Tässä muutamia kuvia Barcelonasta (mukana myös maailman tujuin mojito).

Huomasin juuri töihin ajaessa, että olin unohtanut eväät kotiin...
Ei siinä muuten mitään, mutta eipä ole ollenkaan kolikoita matkassa ja keskellä yötä ei myöskään ole oikein kauppoja auki, niin tuleekin jännä yö.
Sen lisäksi, että olen ihan törkeän väsynyt, eilisen iltavuoron ja tämän aamun kauppavuoron välissä sain unta huimat 6 tuntia ja kolmen kertaa yritin nukkua päiväunet, mutta uni ei vaan tullut, niin olen sitten myös nälkäinen :-D onneksi tuli kotona kuitenkin vedettyä napa täyteen sapuskaa, eli nyt ainakin toistaiseksi on ihan jäätävä ähky.
Voi olla, että pää on vähän jäässä aamulla, kun on kotiin lähdön aika.

Saatiin tietää, ihan by the way, että uuden asunnon avaimet saadaan jo maanantaina :-) päästään siis mittailemaan sun muuta jo odotettua aikaisemmin.
Mulla on ihan hirveästi sisustusideoita, enkä jaksaisi odottaa, että pääsen niitä toteuttamaan!
Aikamoisissa murjuissa on tullut asusteltua tähän asti ja nyt haluan kerrankin kämpän, jossa viihtyy ja jossa on oikeasti vähän mietitty sisustusta.

Katsotaan mitä näistä mun suuruuden hulluista ajatuksista saa käytännössä toteutettua, hah!

Nyt pitää mennä töihin, hyvää yötä niille, jotka saavat nukkua! :-)


September 6, 2016


This is pretty much my uniform, when I don´t have work (then I have leggings and a t-shirt), just a simple blouse and tight pants to go with it. And a leather jacket, of course.

We went to look some furniture today, after we ate a huge dinner in O´learys. We both took hamburgers, mine was gluten free, as it has been since 2008 (stomach can´t handle gluten) and fries. It was so goooood! And again I ate way too much. That is our problem, we eat so much that after we can barely move, haha! 

Anyways, we might have found a sofa! It was so nice and big. It is so expensive tho, to buy all the furniture new... We have looked from the internet if there is something used, but a used couch... You know what people do on their couches... No thank you! 
Used kitchen table would be fine. Not any nice ones so far. 

Other than buying stuff, I love moving. It feels like a fresh start and I just looove packing. I hate unpacking. That´s why I think there will be unopened boxes months after we have moved in, haha! 

I have had a pretty good day, except that my whole body is hurting (including my head) and I have no idea why. Maybe it is because of the flu that I had. But otherwise good. Felix broke one of my necklaces tho, That sucked. He learned how to open my nightstand drawer and took it from there. I was so mad for a second, but I got over it. It is just material stuff, you can always replace it. 

Well, time to go to bed!
Good night!